Technical Specifications
  • Between the floors and the independent parts based on the least TSI standards like stone wool etc,
    first class heat and sound isolation materials will be applied.

All the kitchen furniture that is planned to be used in the independent parts will be produced of first
class lacquer material. Brands like Nolte, Intema, Ancona and Lineadecor will be chosen.

The flats that are 2+1 have one indoor car parking place, 3+1 and 4+1 flats will have 2 indoor parking
places. As a 2+1 type of flat, only Grande Flats have 2 indoor parking places. 6+2 Sky Villa flats have 3
indoor parking places. In the car park there will be licence plate recognition system and an automatic
barrier or shutter.

All the houses in the House-Flat section will have storage areas from 6 to 15m2

The elevators will be OTIS, Schindler, Kone, Hyundai, Mitsubishi or similar brands.

The saloon and the rooms of all the living spaces’ floors will be covered with high quality parquets.

On the floor halls and common circulation areas high quality marbles or tiles.

On the entrance, hall, kitchen and all wet areas first class tile brands like Seranit, Vitra, Kütahya
Seramik, etc will be used.

In the necessary parts of the technical project details of the living spaces tap battery products like
ECA, Artema, Grohe or similar brands will be used.

In the living spaces of project sanitary ware products of Duravit, Isvea, Bocchi, Vitra or similar
brands will be used.

In all the houses built Z-Wave and KNX Systems, smart apartment base, thief alarm, smoke and
water detectors will take place.

In all the flats the floor heating system will be used. FLAT

There will not be a natural gas connection to the flats individually; the need of hot water and
central heating will be applied by the central system. The cost of usage will be calculated by heat cost

Parts like balconies and terraces that have connection with outer spaces directly, first class tiles
will be used.

In every independent part produced there will be a maximum number of telephone, internet and
television substructures that are projected to be applied.

In all the common circulation areas and exit halls of the houses and trading areas there will be
nonstop electric supply with the generator connection. A generation which will supply consumption
values within quality standards.

As soon as the project gets into life, there will be a professional site management and the
management will be organized.

All the living spaces will be under the guarantee of the constructor firm for five years against the
problems based on the producer.

In all the houses Siemens Triple Integrated set (cooker, oven, cooker hood) will be used and there
will be two air conditions in the all types of the houses.

As window systems, high quality materials brands like REHAU, Kömmerling, Winsa, Pimapen,etc. will
be used in all living spaces.

Atış Yapı reserves the right to make changes in the project if necessary
The renders and visuals used in the catalogue are symbolic
During the construction process the metresquares can be +/- 3% different